Wir nutzen Italienisch Trockenkammern SECAL

We use one of Europe’s most advanced SECAL dryers:

  • Real-time monitoring and reporting of the drying process
  • Automated and extremely precise drying process
  • Adjustable 2.2kW fans in size of 1034×7500
  • Chambers dimensions 7 / 7.2 / 7.5 x 7.2 x 4.05
  • We can dry about 250m3 of wood at a time
  • Dries different sizes and types of wood according to a custom application

Our SECAL dryers

Carrying a timber from Belarus or other countries? We can offer not only wood drying services, but also wood loading on the intermediate – thus preparing wood for drying.

Short-term storage is offered to regular customers.

The drying price is negotiable, combined separately with each customer.

Contact person: Tadas Danielius +37063666152; Saulius Danielius +37068515192

Why choose a dried wood?

When choosing timber for construction, everyone usually try to optimize costs. Is it a home frame, roof structure, log house, patio or outdoor gazebo – you can build it using both wet wood and dry. At first glance, the difference is one – the price of wood, which often determines the purchase decision. But does the final result of the construction with wet wood cost less? In nine cases out of ten – no. Over the years of our company’s business, we have repeatedly seen and repaired construction defects that arose due to wood deformation or even cracking when it started to dry in natural phase. Sometimes it is sufficient to replace several elements of the wood structure, but sometimes it is necessary to change the supporting timber frame or roof structures or the logs of the log walls of the log house, when the exchange costs quickly equal or even surpass those hundreds of saved euros.

Quite often, customers say that they have received much more attractive offers elsewhere for the construction of timber or log house. Before comparing prices, we advise you to inquire whether  timber being sold or used for construction is dry.