Timber frame houses

Company UAB S. Danielius and Ko produce frame houses and panel houses using the latest and ultra-modern technology. All of these houses are warm, durable, and can meet high energy consumption and strength requirements.


Frame houses are divided into two main groups:

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Frame house

Seperate wooden precuted frame elements is delivered to construction site and all construction work is made on site;

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Panel house

The blocks are manufactured in a factory, and the partitions are already delivered to the construction site and installed.

The construction of a panel house takes much faster than a frame, most of the time houses are constructed in one day.

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Įkelkite projekto brėžinį ar piešinį.

House assembling.

Each part of the produced panel or frame house has an identification number, so it’s easy to build these houses, even for a customer who wants to build house by self.

On average, the construction work of a carcass house is 2-4 workers in 1-3 days. Construction of the panel house within 1-2 days, depending on the size of the building.



House production technology.

Today, we use carefully selected spruce construction mortar, which is suitable even for heavy loads. Usually its C18, C24 and glued beams, which range from GL24 to GL32.

The whole timber is machined with Hundegger k3i CNC machines, which give us unlimited possibilities to produce any structural element very accurately.


The first step when you wont to build your dream home begins precisely from design. Our company does not make any quantitative targets for producing as many standard homes as possible. Our main idea to produce individual house designs. Therefore, our projects are individual, designed with one of the most advanced frame house design software “SEMA”. This program delivers 3D images to the client and we can design panel houses, frame houses with a special connection, provide accurate material consumption reports, and provide all the information quickly and qualitatively.