CNC Timber process

Design and manufacture of various constructional wooden elements

We have acquired one of the most advanced, fully automated CNC machine tools Hundeger K3i. This machine is unique in that it has five-axis cutting and milling units. Thanks to them, we can produce highly sophisticated products for a high quality construction:

  • frame, round, rectangular log, gluelam houses
  • wooden bridges, fences, observation decks, warehouses, production facilities or other structures without the use of interconnecting plates!
  • roof constructions, beams, overlays
  • rafter, decorate rafters and joists with ornaments
  • various columns
  • wood for production of SIP panels and prepare it for quick assembling
  • timber precut for the production of trusses using metal plates or made them without using metal plates.
  • quickly assembled carports – garages, gazebos, terraces

Structural Elements – Examples :


  • Professional and high quality structural wood processing from 20x50mm to 300x650mm, length 13500m. (wooden elements of longer dimensions can also be processed if needed)
  • Interconnection assemblies for different constructions are cut using a 5-axis cutter
  • Cutting the wood at different angles (the saw rotates at 360 degrees) and can work at an angle!
  • Optimized for maximum yield
  • Vertical and horizontal holes are precisely made
  • Special cuts are made for wooden plates in the beam
  • Automatic trowel for precisely precut wood from all sides
  • Professional projects, according to your request, designed using the advanced SEMA wooden structures and objects design program with 3D visualizations and detailed design of the constructions.

CNC center Hundegger presentation film by clicking on the picture.

We can design and cut the necessary structures, components, and also provide cutting service according to your project from your delivered or our wood.

Machine readable format is .bvn (for additional available formats please contact). Without the ability to convert to this format, we can do it ourselves or we will create the project from zero according to individual needs using the software “Sema”


Why choose our roof prefab construction?

When purchasing our prefab roof construction (rafter kit) our customers do not need to take care for several things: from where to get timber for roof construction, rafters. If you need glued beam beams – we also offer them. Also, you do not need to take care of the roof design, because we can do it.

Have a ready-made project and wood, rafters and beams? We can provide a just cut service.

On the construction site, you will receive comfortably prepared rooftop packages, which will number all rafters, they will be dipped, cut into lengths and angles, made with holes for screws, or fasteners. The exact rack mounting points are automatically marked on the same scroll.

No need to use a saw, an angle, a pencil, or any other commonly used tool on the construction site. Often, the work time of the roof construction reduces twice. Especially if the roof has many angles, slopes, additional roofs or sun loungers.

Do you build an exceptional building? The ends of the rafters, with the click of a button, can be decorated with various ornaments and decorations.

No matter how many roof slopes are you planing. Our designers, using the best design software on the market for wooden constructions, will create and recommend the best roof type for your private home or commercial building. You will be offered several possible types of roof construction, required height, gradients or materials and wood specification need to be used

It does not matter what type of roof. We will help to find a solution, optimize the design of wood and reduce costs.

Why choose our prefab wooden frame for house?

Same like the roof construction made in our factory, the carcasses are cut in lengths, if necessary, they are milling, optimized for the length of the boards, and the parts for quick assembly on site. The elements are marked with details to which wall belongs, whether the detail passing through the window or is it a part of the door, or is it a parts of the interior partition etc.

On the construction site you get labeled packages, with technical building instructions. When building such a frame, you no longer need to use tools, measure, mark, and cut. We can make everything from scratch: make a project, and produce your frame, you do not have to care for delivery. The time of the building frame is usually two times faster. Already have prepared timber? Deliver it for us and we will provide you with a cutting service only.

Our customers are: private individuals, companies, vendors, SIP panel makers, who eliminate woodwork cutting procedures in their home-building, production process.

You are not yet our business partner? Contact us – we will find a solution

Ligna Systems

We are the official Ligna Sytems partner in Lithuania. This means that we can design and construct wooden structures of unlimited size that are used for commercial and recreational buildings. Warehouses, factories, hangars, farms, administrative premises, sports arenas, car, truck or other technical services. We design and build all of this by using glued-beam wooden GL-class structures for joining wood-wood or metal-wood. The required structural strength of each building is calculated for a specific region depending on many meteorological and geographical factors.

Such wooden constructions become much easier to transport, assemble and in the event of a damage seperate elements can be replaced much easier.