Log houses

We produce and build eco-friendly log houses, saunas, bungalows from massive wood and glued beams. For construction only mature first trunk wood is used, and machining is made using cutting-edge wood house technology. Wood is dried in certified modern drying chambers up to 18% humidity to ensure product quality and durability.


Main profiles of our machined logs.

Today, we can offer our customers both round and rectangular shaped log houses.

* We can also produce individual profile logs

Using advanced technology, we can offer our customers a different type of wall corners joining. From standard felling to more sophisticated, such as “dovetail joint”. Log houses built in this way are highly valued in southern China, due to lower wood production costs.

Also, our technical capabilities allow us to make a log house of different thickness walls. For example, we can make outside walls from thicker logs and inner ones – thinner. We can design and produce a non-standard cut house, such as a polygon.


Glued beam log houses

If you want the highest quality result – we offer glued beam log houses. Such logs have better thermal resistance properties and are more durable. During production, such logs reach an even lower moisture level, which reduces the risk of cracks, thus maintaining a higher aesthetic level.


If you want a higher energy class house, we can produce log houses with additional insulating. The walls of the house are insulated by 20cm eco-friendly wool.

There are several options for insulating a log house. It is possible to produce double scorched walls into the inner space to add wool. The cheaper option is to construct a raster house and heat the outside walls by cladding them.


First of all, our goal is to find out your needs and what type and size of house you want.

House design splits into two stages:

1. Visualization is created according to your needs and the vision of a dream house..

2. Preparation of estimates and technical design.

The technical design determines the openings for the electrical installation, the size of the windows, doors, etc. Later this design is sent to the machine for production.

The final design is finished when its perfectly suitable for the customer and is technologically correct.


House production and construction

Glued beam houses – boards are cut into blanks, dried, and then glued to the profile.

Solid wood log houses – the production of these houses takes longer than the glued beam, as the wood is dried for 1-2 month. Therefore, those who want to build a house from a solid should plan ahead.

When logs are prepared according to the design of the house, they travel to the Hundegger k3i, a wooden house cutting center, where they are precisely machined. Holes for wiring (wires, sockets) or others is prepared on manufacturing. Produced logs are numbered and shipped to the construction site. Construction of the log box itself lasts about a week, complete installation up to 30 days, depending on the projects.


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